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    With this question, we emphasize that we are in the middle of the digitalization era and there is no going back. If you have not yet transformed your business, at Verdés we accompany you in this process by providing you with the necessary machinery and tools so that you can start enjoying the advantages of a digitized company.

    What are the advantages of a digitized company?

    The implementation of Industry 4.0 brings with it clear opportunities such as:

    • more efficient processes,
    • economic benefits,
    • improved after-sales service,
    • and the innovation of the production process

    But let’s analyze in more detail what the proposal of Talleres Felipe Verdés, S.A. consists of in relation to Digitization and let’s see how these solutions impact on the value chain of our clients’ business.

    Production control

    From anywhere and in real time, all machines incorporate the latest IoT sensor technology, which allows connection to the cloud and data reading from any electronic device. All information is processed by AVEVA software and is displayed in a simple and intuitive way on the screen, thus facilitating decision-making.

    Control of process efficiency

    The enormous amount of data is collected and processed by the software through statistical analysis to evaluate the efficiency of each equipment and the process as a whole. In this way, we always know if our manufacturing process is working at maximum performance, and we identify the causes of operation far from the optimum point.

    Machine diagnostics

    All internal parameters are monitored (temperature; oil levels; bearing wear; consumption; etc.). The software intelligently monitors these values and generates alarms if any of the values are outside normal ranges. In this way, we instantly identify faults and prevent machine damage.

    Tailor-made reporting and telematic assistance

    The Verdés technical department is present to offer us all its support through remote assistance (via video call) and periodic inspection and reporting on the status of the installation.

    Predictive maintenance

    Thanks to the installed sensors, we will be able to have a real count of the working hours of our machines. Based on these counters, the AVEVA tool will study, extrapolate, and inform us of scheduled maintenance operations when certain elements reach the end of their useful life. Thus, we can have a realistic prediction of the state of each element and our next needs in spare parts.

    Generation of historical data

    All our data will be carefully stored in the cloud using network security protocols, to have the history at any time.

    All these measures imply progress. We believe in change and innovation; therefore, we will continue experimenting and betting on new technological innovations, and thus, try to offer a more enriching and complete experience to the client.