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    Verdés Performance

    Since its foundation, Talleres Felipe Verdés has designed and manufactured machines, storage systems and equipment that work together in harmony.


    Thanks to their digitization these machines generate such a quantity of data that smart systems are needed to collect and process all this information, to make life easier for plant and maintenance supervisors when making decisions.


    At Verdés we have developed solutions in order to assist our clients and provide them with the following advantages:


    By having a record of past operations, clients can make predictive and preventive decisions, thus guaranteeing the high quality of the extruded product.


    With all this information at their disposal, clients can keep their machinery in perfect working condition at all times.


    By having total control over the plant and its machinery, clients can improve maintenance task planning.


    Our clients will have access to all this information remotely, with no need to be present in the factory.

    At the same time, accessing all this information no longer requires being physically near the equipment; we can now access it remotely and weave together the data from different machines. Consequently, experts can quickly and effortlessly take total control over productivity, all the while making significant energy savings.


    The degree of integration of each machine’s and/or piece of equipment’s various screening and operational parameters into the overall installation will be improved continually, thanks to quickly evolving sensors.


    Nowadays, all manufacturers need to be able to guarantee the consistent characteristics and high quality of their products, regardless of the operator, work shift, etc. Decisions are made and equipment’s operational parameters are configured often on a subjective basis.


    With this in mind, here at Talleres Felipe Verdés includes the digitization in every machine the algorithms, screening checks and sensors needed to ensure the consistency and quality of your products into every one of our machines.