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    Leaders in the manufacture of machinery

    Since its inception in 1908, at Verdés we have specialised in the design and manufacture of machinery for the ceramic sector, offering solutions in the ceramic sector for grinding, mixing and extruding clay and other minerals for over 115 years.


    All this accumulated knowledge and experience has allowed us to develop new technologies to offer innovative solutions to our customers that provide extra quality and safety.


    Through our R&D we have developed the best solutions in the briquetting sector, providing new opportunities to improve the re-use of materials that until now have been considered surplus raw materials, by-products and waste.

    We have a global presence by means of our central production centre, a national subsidiary, four international subsidiaries and representatives on five continents for our customers by offering the best distribution services and technical assistance.

    At Verdés, we continue to improve our technologies every day to meet our clients’ needs and offer solutions focused on the client and their requirements.

    Vision, Mission and Values statement

    Our Vision: Leading Extrusion to Build a Better Planet


    To lead not on size and world reach, but specially on knowledge. We aspire to lead in what is our key expertise: deairing extrusion.


    We want to build a better planet. The products made by of our equipment aim to put up better buildings, to reduce and optimize mineral resources’ extraction. And the carbon footprint in both fields.



    Our Mission: We produce personalized solutions for material processing and circularity, growing with our people and delivering a positive impact all around the world.


    We are proud of manufacturing in our factory our own designs. Not only de we deliver equipment but the complete solution. From design to implementation, complemented by advice and supporting services. The solutions we craft are personalized after deep analysis and understanding of our client’s needs, adjusting accordingly machines and services.


    Our equipment shapes multiple materials and contributes to the circular economy. On top of our traditional field —structural ceramics— it processes a wide range of solid materials, not limited to minerals. With equipment specifically designed to give a new life to industrial waste, we reduce the environmental footprint of mining and metal processing operations.


    We grow with our people, through their talent and effort. We develop our professional and personal potential. Through our Social Responsibility activities, we also support our local community. To us, growth is the way to create opportunities, living an exciting project for all.



    Our Values: Professional Excellence, Commitment, Courage


    Our people are excellent professionals. We fulfill our promises, we are proactive, efficient and flexible.


    Our people are committed. We act with integrity and passion, creating bonds of trust.


    Our people are brave. We do things differently to go further, anticipating and managing uncertainty.

    At your side every step of the project

    Development of In-house Engineering

    Test laboratory

    Quality control

    Project Management

    Project Management

    In-house product manufacturing

    Technical assistance service

    Spare parts

    Development of In-house Engineering

    Our team of in-house engineers develops the best solutions to meet our clients’ needs and continuously studies how to bring new improvements to the market.

    Expert sales team

    We have a sales team specialised in the ceramic, mineral and briquetting sectors that understand the technical needs of our clients and provide solutions.

    Quality control

    Continuous study of our processes to ensure quality standards.

    Test laboratory

    We offer laboratory services to analyse the raw materials that our clients use in their manufacturing processes. We provide clients with a complete study with the results obtained showing all the information necessary for decision-making with real data.

    Project Management

    When formalizing a sale, the project team goes into action to accompany the client throughout the process.

    In-house product manufacturing

    Our production center allows us to have control of manufacturing down to the last part of our machines, working with high quality standards.

    Technical assistance service

    Our technical assistance service allows us to provide added value to our clients by ensuring that our solutions work efficiently from the start.

    Spare parts

    Our spare parts service is supported by large stocks at our Headquarters and in warehouses strategically located around the world.

    At your side since 1908

    The history of Verdés is strongly linked to the transformations in society of the 20th and 21st centuries.


    We invite you to follow the Verdés journey from its beginnings in 1908 to its 100th anniversary via the Centenary commemorative book. Immerse yourself in the most iconic moments that have marked the path of this company, together with the different generations that have been part of it, and you will understand why Verdés is the leading company today.

    1. Establishment

    2. First Extruder

    3. Vacuum Extruder

    4. Wet Pan Mill

    5. Exports to America and Africa

    6. Monobloc Extruders Family

    7. Change to current Headquarters, Vilanova del Camí

    8. Opening Portugal subsidiary

    9. Combi Extruders Family

    10. Opening Morocco, Algeria and Russia

    11. Magna and Magnabloc Extruders Family

    12. First Briquetting Project

    13. DEX Briquetting Extruders Family

    14. Own Pilot Plant

    15. Expansion of the Briquetting Laboratory