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    for over 100 years

    At Verdés, we have been offering solutions in the ceramic sector for grinding, mixing, extruding clay and other minerals for over 100 years.  And thanks to this accumulated knowledge we also offer innovative solutions in the briquetting sector.

    Structural Ceramics

    We specialise in designing and manufacturing the best solutions for the preparation and crushing of clays using dry and wet methods.


    Want to know more? Here we explain everything you need to know about Structural Ceramics and the solutions we offer to cover all your needs.

    Mineral Processing

    Our families of crushers and mills are designed to process large materials and minerals and reduce them to the required granulometry.


    For more information, we tell you all about our mineral processing solutions here.


    We have designed new solutions for the briquetting market based on the knowledge gained over more than 100 years. With our continuous development and investment in R&D we offer the optimal solution to create briquettes that meet the technical requirements for the systems that will use them.


    Find all the information about our briquetting sector solutions here.

    Other Sectors

    Our ability to adapt and develop internal solutions allows us to analyse specific applications of our machines for use with raw materials based on municipal solid waste or biomass, among others.


    For more information about these solutions, click here.