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    The success of the VERDES Magna series of Extruders

    As it is well known, Verdes released in the market a completely new line of extruders, the Magna series, five years ago.

    This series was an immediate success, with the first units installed already in 2014. However, the fabrication had to coexist for a few years with the previous models of Combi-070 and Monobloc-060 series. Many customers were so happy and for so long producing with these extruders that they demanded us still in 2015 and 2016 to manufacture twin machines for their parallel lines and extensions.


    In the first years the Maghreb markets were quite active, so over a dozen Magnas were sold,mostly in Algeria, but also in Libya and Morocco. And still a few more will be delivered to Algeria this 2019. The machine is also proving itself popular in the Middle East, with units sent to Iran, Iraq and Yemen.

    European markets in recent years have been pretty much replacement markets, when not shutting down lines and relocating machines. However, a few units have been installed in Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Belarus.

    The Far East is not an area with significant imports for the Heavy Clay sector, notwithstanding which 3 units were commissioned in 2018 in Malaysia, to long time Verdes customers.

    In Central Asia instead, all the customers who acquired our Magnas have been new ones, as this area was previously much underdeveloped in the brick sector. So far, the leading brickmakers in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan have already acquired our new extruders. And of course, it is expected that other countries in the area will follow suit, once they decide to upgrade their brick plants.

    So, in general, the best-selling model has been the Magna 675, followed closely by the bigger Magna 775 and then Magnabloc 575. Magnas 475 have been delivered to some smaller brick factories and also for special products. All in all, some 35 units have been sold up to date.