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    Good job in Australia

    The task was to replace an old Primary Crusher mod. 118-DT, built on the late 70′ for a new model with higher working performance and better equipment.

    This new machine includes bigger hammers with increased resistance, allowing the crushing of thicker and harder clay bricks. C.S.R suggested an special geometry for building the hammers, based on their acquired experience through the years using Primary Crushers and, of course, their clay knowledge.

    The commissioning of this equipment took place last August, and Bob Rogers, Engineering Manager of C.S.R. Bricks & Roofing sent us a message to confirm that the commissioning process had been done successfully and added:

    « The primary crusher has been installed and it’s running well »

    « I can’t belive how much quiter the new machine is compared to the old one »

    « A satisfied Client »

    We want to thank C.S.R. Bricks & Roofing their collaboration.