Project Studies

As the climatic and working conditions, raw materials, technology levels and the financial and legal requirements vary from one country to another, we make available our broad experience to our customers to ensure that the project will be executable in all aspects and will develop and perform as scheduled. From the coming into force of the agreements up to the successful commissioning.

Take advantage of our experience and advice, knowing that your project is in good hands and is being studied and coordinated in all aspects by our experts.

Project Studies

Materials Testing Laboratory

Thanks to this new laboratory, our experts can analyze with great precision the technological behavior of solid materials, both mineral and organic, performing tests such as:

  •      1- Particle size distribution
  •      2- Extrusion moisture
  •      3- Plasticity
  •      4- Tempering
  •      5- Shrinkage (dry, fired and total)
  •      6- Loss on ignition
  •      7- Bending test
  •      8- Water absorption

And in other minerals and biomass:

  •      - Grindability
  •      - Pelletization
  •      - Extrudability
  •      - …

Then, after having developed the relevant tests according to the type of product to be analyzed, the experts at Verdés draw up an analysis report based on the results obtained. In this sense, depending on the mineralogical and particle size composition of the raw material, different levels of plasticity, consistency and homogeneity are obtained.

Thanks to this information, we can recommend to our clients suitable equipment and processes to optimize the product's grinding, homogenization and moulding processes and energy efficiency. Furthermore, the samples we have obtained after conducting the various tests allow us to confirm the quality level of the final product. This in turn gives our clients greater security and confidence.

Note: Clients wishing to carry out tests and measurement in their own facilities can also purchase any of the items of Verdés laboratory machines.

Technical Assistance

Our experienced team will help and guide you through every phase of the installation and commissioning of the equipment. They will also help you to optimize the total life cycle and productivity of the machinery via a wide range of services including follow-up visits, maintenance, replacement of parts, modernization and upgrading of equipment, detailed manuals and repairs.

Verdés Technical Assistance

Technical training

We provide your personnel with technical training, on site or at our factory in Vilanova del Camí. Our specialists will train your staff, passing on knowledge of the manufacturing process as well as preventive maintenance, guiding and recommending in each case those optimal production parameters and good practices to ensure the maximum performance of the installation.

Verdés Technical Training
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