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With your new Verdés equipment you will obtain exclusively access to the new Spare Parts Service called VERDES PARTS, ensuring the best after sales service in our field. With this powerful web app, available in different languages, 24 hours and 365 days a year, our Clients will be able to request our spare parts in just few seconds by an agile and intuitive search engine, or even just identifying visually each machine’s parts and assemblies. The app will let you:

  • - Access to your machines’ handbooks, from any device with internet connection
  • - Easily detect the parts or assemblies in need
  • - Access to important information as for example, earlier issued reports for your equipment, tutorials, videos…
  • - Generate offer requests in a very fast and convenient way

Verdés Parts online app

The best decision

Our machines meet the highest standards of durability, reliability and efficiency. That’s why the best way for our Clients to maintain their investment and optimize the performance of their machines is by using original Verdés spare parts.

We are the only company in the sector to manufacture and provide the world over with original spare parts for all our equipment. From nuts and bolts, bearings, electrical and electronic components, to transmission components, auxiliary equipment and wearing elements, either for newly installed machines or older machines that are still in service.

All of this, coupled with the highest quality service, contributes to the smooth functioning of our Clients’ factories in the most economical and efficient way possible.

Verdés Original Spare Parts
All Verdés spare parts come under warranty

All our spare parts are completely guaranteed and meet the latest design specifications.

Verdés original spare parts have a much longer life cycle
Added Value

We work every day to improve our parts so that they last longer, are easier to replace and bring added value to your operation.

Verdés spare parts are more efficient

We offer the safest and most economically efficient long-term solution, thus helping to maintain your operational capacity and protecting your market position.

Verdés original spare parts
Custom Solutions

We provide customer service programs developed exclusively according to your needs and location.

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Expect Results

Our research projects are designed to develop and improve wearing elements that provide greater efficiency to our clients’ business. In this sense, at the Verdés Research and Quality Departments we focus on increasing their life cycle, making them easier to handle and optimizing replacement times, which in turn means lower operating costs for our clients.

Given that there are a multitude of factors that affect and define our clients’ factories around the world, at Verdés we design and manufacture our main wearing elements with various materials. This means that we are able to offer different solutions that adapt to the requirements and particularities of each and every one of our clients’ factories.

Moreover, to guarantee the sizes and correct performance of our wearing elements, Verdés original spare parts are subject to rigorous quality controls. Thus, we pay special attention to guaranteeing and testing key factors such as tolerance, size, hardness level, material composition, functionality and durability.

All this, combined with proper operation and good maintenance, will guarantee the best results for your business and a long service life for your machines and spare parts.

Always close by…

The main Verdés distribution centre is located close to the international airport and Barcelona Port, which guarantees fast and efficient shipping of parts to anywhere in the world. We also have 9 other distribution centres spread across 4 continents, which allow us to always be close to our Clients and offer them the best availability in original spare parts.

This means that our geographical proximity, together with the comprehensive advice we provide to our Clients, has for decades led to the creation of long-lasting and trusting relationships.

  • - If you need to get the most out of your machines,
  • - If you require spare parts,
  • - Or if you need to plan your factory’s stock,

Contact us: Our technical team is ready to travel anywhere in the world at any time.

Verdés Spare Parts are served worldwide
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