Monobloc de-airing clay and briquetting extruders are designed to achieve the highest efficiency at reduced power consumption and minimum maintenance cost. With over 70 years of experience in clay extrusion, our extruders feature the following unique characteristics:

  • - Three main shafts driven by a single motor.
  • - Efficient concept, with the smallest quantity of pieces on the market.
  • - Double-shaft mixer of large capacity and easy accessibility.
  • - Pre-compression mixing knives synchronized with the extrusion auger.
  • - Maximum accessibility to replace all its parts.
  • - The whole unit is mounted onto a single frame allowing for direct installation on the foundation.

A wide range of sizes and arrangements with diameters of 180 to 700 mm allow for excellent flexibility and adaptability to different extrusion applications, additions of water or steam, and operations at low or high pressure.

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