Mills and Crushers

Thanks to our wide range of crushers and mills, the Verdés crushing and grinding equipment can process minerals and materials in large formats and reduce their size to achieve the desired granulometry.

The crushing process often requires different stages of grinding, since there is no crusher or mill capable of converting large mineral formats into micronized fines. Thus, our range of crushers and mills covers the whole size reduction process, from the primary crushing stage to the refining grinding. In addition, our machines are designed and set to work with minimal energy consumption and wear.

Mineral Processing with Verdés Machines

Primary Crushers


Wet Pan Mills
Hammer Mills

Roller Mills

Pendulum Mills

Reclaimers & Stackers

Reclaimers and Stackers are essential equipment for bulk material handling and clay storage, when we aim to optimize the exploitation of warehouses, automating the extraction of material, reducing operating costs and improving the properties of outgoing mixture.

Longitudinal storage rooms are the perfect solution when large volumes of minerals must be stored temporarily (can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications).

The extraction method in storage rooms, using reclaimers and stackers, enhances mixture homogenizing since equal quantities of each warehouse layer are extracted, compensating for the different particle sizes and humidity variations.

Minerals and materials we have worked with:

At Verdés we have tested with dozens of different minerals and materials in our laboratory facilities. Thus, we have sold mineral processing machines to Clients of all over the world. These are some of them:

  • • Aluminium oxide
  • • Anthracite
  • • Attapulgite (Palygorskite)
  • • Barite
  • • Bauxite
  • • Bentonite
  • • Calcium Carbonate
  • • Coal
  • • Copper ore
  • • Diatomite
  • • Dolomite
  • • Feldspar
  • • Fertilizers
  • • Fluorite
  • • Glass
  • • Graphite
  • • Grog (firesand)
  • • Gypsum
  • • Iron ore
  • • Kaolin
  • • Lignite
  • • Limestone
  • • Magnesite
  • • Manganese ore
  • • Marlstone
  • • Nickel ore
  • • Pet-coke
  • • Phosphate
  • • Potash
  • • Potassium chloride
  • • Sepiolite
  • • Sulfure
  • • Talc
  • • Zeolite
  • • Zinc ore
  • Case studys


    A Customer from Spain who is dedicated to kaolin processing, needed to dry the material from the cakes produced by their filter press.

    Solution and results:
    To dry the kaolin, the cakes from the filter press are discharged directly into an 8-meter long Verdés 028-C box feeder, which directly feeds a Monobloc Verdés 057-B extruder with Ø450 augers. Equipped at the exit with a grid with Ø10 mm holes. With this, the Customer has managed to increase its production to 8 T/h of Ø10 mm kaolin pellets that, thanks to its compact shape and size, can be easily transported without wastes and subsequently dried faster in the dryer.

    A Russian customer wanted to improve the productivity of his two bentonite processing lines due to the frequent stops caused by the high level of stickiness of this mineral when it is wet, which caused incrustations and a malfunction in its granulators.

    Solution and results:
    Two 117-FT primary crushers were installed with an excellent adaptation to materials with a high degree of humidity. Specially thanks to its scrapers with flexible adjustment that avoid incrustations in the wear components (especially between the discs of the shafts). The Client was satisfied with the results and decided to acquire a new 126-D disintegrator for the second phase of crushing. Currently, each line works at a capacity of 50 m3/hour.
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