Verdés LAB

In this cutting-edge environment, our technicians can explore and very precisely analyze the technical behaviour of a wide range of materials.

That allows us to recommend our clients the most suitable machines and processes for optimising and ensuring the energy efficiency of grinding, homogenisation, agglomeration and extrusion processes.

The Verdés Laboratory is at our customers’ service to help define the most appropriate manufacturing processes and ensure the performance and quality of their final products. Besides that, it also provides our clients with the following benefits:

Materials Testings Laboratory

Benefits for our Clients

Expertise in different materials

Expertise in different materials

We put our know-how at your disposal after having carried out hundreds of tests with a wide variety of materials.

Process deep knowledge

Process deep knowledge

Our technical team is very familiar with every single step of your production process, both in a Laboratory and Industrial scale.



Although we have a high demand, we can manage to schedule your tests as soon as possible. And we offer you the option to visit us and take part in the process.

Industrial scale

Industrial scale

Once the tests are completed, we can advise and recommend the most suitable Verdés processes and industrial scale equipment for your project.

Tests that we carry out at our Laboratory

  • • Grinding (wet&dry)
  • • Particle size distribution
  • • Extrusion moisture
  • • Plasticity
  • • Tempering
  • • Shrinkage
  • • Loss on ignition
  • • Bending test
  • • Water absorption

  • Available Verdés Laboratory Machines for sale

    If you want to perform your own tests and measurements in your facilities, you can also purchase any of the Verdés Laboratory Machines listed below, besides having all our support and knowledge at your disposal.


    Roller Mill

    Hammer Mill
    Pendulum Mill



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