• Ventilated Façades
    Piece of ventilated façade produced with Verdés machines
  • Expanded Clay Aggregate
    Expanded Clay Aggregate produced with Verdés machines
  • Bovedilla
    Bovedilla produced with Verdés machines
  • References

    Roof Tiles:

    Historically, the roof tile has always been a ceramic product associated with Verdés machinery. Already in 1927, our first extruder was used in its day for the manufacture of this very special ceramic product.

    During the production process, both Wet Pan Mills or Disintegrator crushers (wet clay process) and Hammer mills (dry clay process) enable the achievement, in the preparation phase, of clay with fine granulometry and suitable for producing roof tiles. Later, following mixing, the extruder extrudes the clay through a curved mould in order to give the roof tile its particular arched form.

    Ceramic Floor Tiles:

    Extruded floor tiles are one of the ceramic products with the most added value. For many years now, our machines have been used to produce high quality ceramic floor tiles.

    There are many formats and finishes, as well as different processes for manufacturing it. In any one of them, the grinding equipment will work to obtain a very fine and high-quality clay (especially working with hammer mills and pendulum mills) which, after it has been proportioned and mixed, will come out through the extruder according to the desired shape of the piece


    Thermobricks are large ceramic blocks that, thanks to their low density and particular geometry, provide good thermal and acoustic insulation, good mechanical strength, and are very easy to place on site. All of this at an economical cost that is lower than other construction solutions.

    Thermobricks are principally used for building single-layer load-bearing walls and offers benefits that are similar to those of walls made of several layers, given its great mechanical capacity and high performance when implemented.

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