Machinery Manufacturing Experts

After more than 100 years of leadership in the ceramic industry we have specialized in designing and manufacturing machinery for producing floor and roof tiles, clay bricks and other ceramic products, as well as machinery for processing, grinding and crushing different kind of minerals and wastes.

Thanks to the wide knowledge we’ve acquired we are able to assist and guide our Clients to achieve the best results.

Verdés Headquarters

Verdés headquarters facilities located in Vilanova del Camí (Barcelona) comprise 23.000 m2 including offices, manufacturing plant and warehouse.

Verdés Workshop
Integrated Production

This integrated production system allows us to entirely manufacture all Verdés machines and parts in our headquarters facilities.

Verdés High Quality Machines

Because our best reward is the satisfaction of our Clients, Suppliers and Collaborators, at Verdés we adapt our production and service to the highest international quality standards.

Verdés Workshop

Investing in technology and in a highly skilled team let us offer machines and solutions even more productive and with a higher added value for our Clients.

First Extruder
Headquarters expansion
First Magna Extruder

Verdés, since 1908

As Verdés history can not be split from the key moments of the 20th and 21st century, hereby we offer you the chance to go through the Centenary Commemorative Book that covers the historical landmarks of the past 100 years and the most significant moments that have marked the path of the Company and of those generations that have been part of it.

Strong International Presence

With 2 workshops and 4 subsidiaries, besides multiple agents and representatives in all continents, at Verdés we want to be close to our Clients in order to offer them a perfect distribution and Technical Assistance.

Verdés Worldwide presence
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